Wednesday, October 27

Mind-Bending Animal Faceswaps That Somehow Cute AND Disturbing.

Lots of great things in life happen when you take two seemingly different things and mixing them together. Just look at all the adorable mixed breed dogs in the world! And when you think about it, we’re all just a mixture of our parents, which is pretty great (for the most part).

Faceswaps are when one person’s face is swapped with another in Photoshop. They can be pretty weird sometimes, especially when you start switching species around. Some can be adorable, while others are too disturbing. Take a look.

1.) Sloths and kittens are actually pretty dang cute.

2.) Fish and humans very much less cute.

3.) This will fuel many nightmares.

…okay, everything but sloth-kittens (a.k.a., slittens) is downright horrible. You may never be able un-see some of these, but sit back, relax and enjoy some more slittens:


It sees my heart.

I’m so sad this isn’t real…

It needs all of my kisses.


If you want to find more adorable “slitten” hybrids, head over to Tumblr.

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