Wednesday, October 27

These 19 Parents Turned Their Backs For A Second And… OOPS! It’s Hard Not To Laugh… LOL.

When you become a parent, you know you need to protect the precious life you made. You are there to guide and protect them. After a while though, you also know you need to have a sense of humor. These 19 kids somehow found a way to get stuck in the strangest of places. Sometimes, all you can do is laugh… and then call the fire department.

1.) That’s one way to pass the time at school.

2.) How she got her head through a wrought iron fence, we’ll never know.

3.) Oops.

4.) His expression says it all.

5.) At least he’s into it!

6.) “Hold on pumpkin, let me just take a picture.”

7.) And that’s why grown children shouldn’t use the baby swings.

8.) He’s Superman. He can do what he wants.


10.) Toilets: the natural enemy of children.

11.) Some chairs are not “one size fits all.”

12.) Seriously, keep an eye on your kids in the toilet.

13.) I’m not even sure how this happens.

14.) Caught in the act. 🙂

15.) For that head-to-gap ratio, this is just impressive.

16.) Classic OOPS moment.

17.) At least he is enjoying himself.

18.) Okay, MOM, way to hog the attention.

19.) Baby swings. They are for babies.

(H/T Although, it’s curious that the parents’ first reaction was to grab their camera (but at least the results were hilarious). Oh, the joys of being a parent! Learn to laugh when stuff like this happens with your kids. Also, share this article with other parents you know!

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